Tuesday, January 20, 2009

focus on the happy

At times, it's really important to remember the things in the world (and my life) that delight me. Especially when winter seems to be taking forever and the city is gray and dreary. And life seems less pleasant than I want it to. This helps.

Here are just a few:

1. accidentally writing "pimportant" instead of "important"
2. brioche
3. hipbones
4. raisins
5. hem
6. just making a train
7. plaid (the word, not the design)
8. story people
9. President Obama
10. the feeling of sudafed kicking in
11. the heffalumpish sound I made when I fell down on the escalator*
12. the dog this morning with legs barely longer than the two inches of accumulated snow that was bounding through the drift like he was a husky in the tundra
13. whatever they're cooking downstairs
14. dogs that walk themselves
15. clean sheets
16. moments of improvisational genius when the world just feels right

*I didn't enjoy falling down the escalator; that hurt. But the "oomphf" that escaped me (quite loudly, in fact) was entertaining. And not sexy.