I coach in cycles, which are comprised of three hour-long sessions. Because so much work happens between the sessions, it's always valuable to commit to coaching for more than one session.  A cycle costs $300, and you can have a session once a week, once every two weeks, or on the schedule that best suits you and your goals.

For those who aren’t sure they want to commit to three (or six) weeks of coaching, I offer a Spotlight Plan — a 20-30 minute sample session followed (at another time) by a one-hour session for $125. After the initial sample session, Spotlight sessions can be purchased at any time.

Everybody's favorite section:  Discounts!
If you refer someone to me who buys either a cycle or a Spotlight session, you are entitled to a free session yourself -- either a one-time Spotlight session, or a four-session cycle. (So get out there and start talking me up!)