coaching with Kate

Coaching is about you and the relationship we build together, not really about me at all. But with a boatload of coaches out there on the market, you might want some help in figuring out why you should work with me. (I mean, aside from the fact that I’m fabulous, charming, and more fun than a barrel full of monkeys on the back of a gift horse, right?)

If you want to be accountable to yourself and reach your goals, I’m your coach. I can see you in ways that you can’t see yourself. I quickly become aware of your potential, and have tools to drive you to its fruition. I will be your cheerleader and co-conspirator.

If you battle with self-esteem, I’m your coach. I’ve been there (and, to be honest, sometimes I’m still there) and have first hand experience with exercises, books, tools, and programs that can help you speak up for yourself to yourself.

If you want a coaching relationship that is honest, powerful, no-holds-barred, and steeped in meaning, I’m your coach. I will call on your excuses, hold you to the vision of who you want to be, and not accept less from you than the honoring of your true self.

If you want to be able to laugh, cry, yell, tremble, or otherwise explore your emotions, I’m your coach. I have a background in acting, so I know all about feelings, and the connection of emotions to the body — heck, I have a degree in it! — so I can help you get in touch with who you are, inside and out.


When I was looking for my own coach, I did sample sessions with four or five coaches before I felt the right fit. I recommend that you try that, too. Make sure that, in addition to meeting other criteria like pricing and schedule, your coach feels right to you.

Questions to consider:
  • Does she listen well?
  • Do you believe she’s on your side?
  • Do you feel safe enough to share what’s important to you?
  • Are you holding things back when you speak to her?
  • Do you have a similar sense of humor?
  • Does she get you?
  • Who’s doing most of the talking, you or her?
  • How much pressure do you feel?
My sample sessions are free, and I’m open to discussing the above questions as well as any others you may have.