On her coaching:
“Kate is a fantastic coach. Within a month of working with her I was seeing changes in my life that I absolutely could attribute to the work we were doing together." -- Graham Coppin, Coach

"She helped me to clearly identify my passions and interests, form concrete goals and realistic timelines for meeting those goals, and was great at following up with me to check in on my progress.” — Sarah, NYC

“Kate helped me cover more ground and gain more insight into myself in a one-hour life coaching session than I normally manage in a month’s worth of therapy. ” — J.A.

After working with Kate: "All of a sudden, my life was easier. I could find things and I accomplished more work. Kate is personable, makes me laugh, and she helps me throw away things, and organize them better." -- Lois Geller, President of Lois Geller Marketing Group

“I have always said that the best life is one in which you never stop learning. Kate is helping me create my best life.” — Rhonda D., actor

“Kate is an insightful, compassionate and resourceful coach. Our work together helped me focus on what I needed to do to make changes in my life... It really has made a difference! Thank you Kate!” — D.V.

“I hired Kate as a coach to help me with my career transition and to clarify the direction I wanted to move in. I found Kate to be professional, creative and generous as a coach. I never felt that I was working in a cookie cutter style--everything was customized to my goals, values and where I wanted to move forward in my life. I would highly recommend Kate as an excellent coach.” -- Carol Dacey-Charles, Coach

On her workshops:
“[Make it Happen Now!] helped me to focus on blocks and come up with a plan to make some changes, and move forward. Now I feel like I am on a roll!” — James E., actor

“Kate deploys her considerable charm, wit, intelligence and empathy to help you to identify your goals and develop a plan to realize them. Rather than providing ‘right’ answers, I felt that she was encouraging me to find what works for me. She is passionately involved in her own evolution, and therefore can truly inspire others on the path.” — Jon A., musician