Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An interesting test for finding your strengths

I was part of a roundtable today that focused on exploring the value of the strengths you bring to the table in your own, individual way. The test below is another way to identify your own strengths, and once you're more aware of them, you can play to your them more fully, and derive more joy from the use of them.

Turns out that I'm a weaver, with a secondary level of teacher. This makes good sense to me, as I'm constantly trying to connect people, and sure, I have a lot of fun when I can solve a problem, but even when I can't solve it, if I can point out someone else who can, I'm still happy.

It's free, so why not take the test?


  1. This is great stuff, Kate! Thanks for the link.

    I'm a Teacher/Creator, which in retrospect, doesn't surprise me much at all.

  2. Having facilitated the roundtable you attended, I am thrilled that you've shared the test with your audience, Kate!

    As a teacher/advisor, I'd love for so many to learn about their natural strengths and I strongly advise you who are reading this comment to now take the test - you'll be glad you did . . .