Sunday, February 6, 2011

rush rush rush rush rush rush

On Monday of this week, I dropped the little wallet I carry that holds next month's metrocard (worth $104) and all my IDs -- my license, my building pass, gym memberships, etc. I went back to look for it after I realized I had dropped it, but it was gone. To make matters worse, I was traveling for work Monday night and wouldn't be back in the city until Wednesday night, so I hoped that a Good Neighbor had picked it up and stowed it safely away for me, and figured that by the time I got back, I'd know more about it.

I have to say, I was impressed with how calm I was.

I got home Wednesday night, and, alas, there was no information. I went another day ID-less, and then on Friday started to replace the missing items. (Did you know you can get a replacement drivers license without going to the DMV? Heaven!!) I shelled out $25 for my building pass, $10 for my gym pass, $17.50 for my drivers license, and tried to cancel the metrocard to no avail. I was grumpy, grouchy, and extremely frustrated.

When I got home Friday night, though, there, in my mailbox, was a package from K. Murphy, my Incredible Neighbor. Mr. or Ms. Murphy not only returned my whole wallet to me, but included the unused, $104 metrocard! I was so impressed!

So what's the lesson? Wonderful things CAN happen, but not necessarily when I want/need/expect them to. This is really important for me to keep in mind, especially when pursuing things I want, like in dating, or looking for a new job, or trying to find an apartment. While there is definitely something to be said for faith, there is an equal amount to be said for patience.

Because not everybody knows my schedule. And even if they did, not everybody would care about it the way I do.


  1. Love this. Realizing patience is one of the hardest things. I know that I sometimes need a reminder that I don't go by the name 'Veruca Darling' screaming, "I want an Oompa Loompa now!".... sigh.

    Rachel Beene

  2. Love that you got your stuff back!! Patience is always the key!! xxoo

  3. Amen to this, sister! As a bit of a recovering type-A, control freak (who's not so recovered according to the conversation I had with my mom today)...I need to remember the Universe is on its own schedule. Thanks for the reminder!